Buying Your First Racing Wheelchair: Six Helpful Tips

If you're thinking about participating in wheelchair racing, you've made a great decision for your cardiovascular health and probably for your social life as well. There are numerous wheelchair race training clubs now and a wealth of events, from local road races to track sprints to full marathons. Racing wheelchairs are different from regular chairs in a number of ways, so as you look to purchase your first one, and as you look to buy wheelchair accessories, here are some helpful tips. [Read More]

Save Your Life And Your Hearing With A Hearing Aid

Getting a hearing aid is not just about being able to hear people without them yelling at you, or being able to watch television at a volume level that is comfortable for others in the immediate area. Getting a hearing aid is about your personal safety and your physical health. Not being able to hear normally can put your life and your physical health in danger. Here are two major ways that you can benefit from getting a hearing aid and making sure that it is of high quality. [Read More]

Modification Options To A Minivan To Make It Wheelchair Accessible

If you use a wheelchair to get around, it can be difficult to transfer from the chair into and out of a vehicle that is not modified. While it is possible to have a car seat swivel to allow for an easier transfer, using a van that will hold the wheelchair while you are sitting in it is the best option for you and your family. You can choose between a full-sized van or a minivan to be modified. [Read More]

Senior Health: Recovering From Foot Surgery

Your feet take a lot of abuse during your lifetime, supporting the full weight of your body with each step. Over the years, this results in a lot of wear and tear on the bones, joints, muscles and tendons. If you have led an active life, participating in sports that put more pressure on your feet, such as running, tennis or contact sports, the damage may be extensive enough to require corrective foot surgery. [Read More]